Veggie Risktaker?
This poem (September, 1999) deals with a life - long conflict about health, diet and eating my veggies. The poem becomes a marker in the expansion and definition of the InnerRESOURCES 8 ideas ecosystem.

Click here for the multimedia poem on "Romantic Love As Resistance", which is part of the Love and Relationship series of May 1998. Each poem in this series makes reference to a psychological, psychoanalytic, existential or spiritual theory. This particular poem points to Freud's theory of transference resistance.
Other poems in the series touch on "Empathy", "Romantic Love", "Ego Strength", "I-Thou" (, and "Support Groups" Some of these poems will appear in my soon to be published book, "InnerRESOURCES 8 Ideas". This is a downloadable quicktime file.

Jeff Landau
InnerRESOURCES Publications