A History Of Aggression In Freud

This is a reprint of a review I wrote for the journal Modern Psychoanalysis, while a Post Doctorate Fellow at the Center For Modern Psychoanalytic Studies. I was interested in "dual drive theory" and the problem of aggression. I was more generally interested in understanding the "clinical" evidence which challenged the rational, Darwinian, survival oriented rules of the Law of Effect. The Life Instincts. So, reviewing Stepansky's book was a perfect opportunity, at the time. This link will take you to the review in PDF form, Landau, J.S., (1984) A History Of Aggression In Freud; Paul E. Stepansky, New York International Universities Press, Modern Psychoanalysis, Vol. IX, No. 2, 1984.

Two additional articles are related and from this period.

The first is The Odysseus Complex: One of the Roots of Addiction, The Desire For Exploration and Adventure, which put forth the idea of an energized path which is a direct path to alcoholism and the addictions and which is distinct  from the concept of addiction as a defense against experiencing intolerable feelings (anxiety-defense), or as addiction resulting from a defective structural self development.

The second was Let's Talk Interviews Dr. Spotnitz, Schizophrenia, Alcoholism and Addiction.

Jeff Landau, 2005, InnerRESOURCES Publications