A Map, Exercises, and A Promise
To Point You In The Right Direction

All art work, photos and logo designs seen throughout this and related web sites are creations of Jeff Landau. On this page, that includes the InnerRESOURCES 8 ideas logo in the upper left portion of the page and the merging of this logo with "Aura" (upper left). The Aura-InnerRESOURCES merger "compu-painting" (digital photography, art and collage) is a new variation on a series previously published in Let's Talk: The Relationship Newsletter", the Aura series. The Molly, "Let's Talk" logo, with Molly wearing an InnerRESOURCES T-shirt (lower right thumb) was taken from a video clip created for my show "Let's Talk, InnerRESOURCES, Auras Galleria" on Manhattan Neighborhood Network. "Why Can't We Talk With Each Other" was part of an early series of "compu-paintings, still influenced by the work of others. This one in particular was inspired at the time, by Roy Lichtenstein's, Drowning Girl, 1963. Finally, the photo of Nina Friedman was given to me by the artist herself, see Nina's Gallery, and was taken by her grand daughter, Lily.

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