This is my most recent flower movie. I think of these movie-slide-shows as Visual Poems. This particular visual poem is a thank you to the gardeners of Central Park. All photos were taken with the Canon SI IS, except for the next to last frame, which was taken with a Canon S200. Thanks also to the Digital Photography Review forums. If you like, you can see the original photos from which this "poem" was created.

You can also see multi-media poems by Jeff Landau at "Romantic Love As Resistance", "Veggie Risktaker", "Bound Up In Relationship", and "We Are lovers", Thanks to my friends at Authors Den.

Below, you can also see an iMovie with pan and transition effects, and a previously published movie poem, "Snowing Flowers", from my former cable show "Let's Talk, InnerRESOURCES.Auras Galleria, at Manhattan Neighborhood Network (MNN)

Jeff Landau
InnerRESOURCES Publications
Flower iMovie Demo
Four flower photos were dropped into iMovie. Pan and transition effects were applied. The movie was "shared" as an mpeg4, then converted to a .mov
Snowing Flowers