Fathers Day
Wandering around "the park", on Sunday, Fathers day, I stopped, and sat down at a usual peaceful place. Slowly focusing in on where I was, I noticed a group of people, all looking in the same direction. What are they looking at? Hmmm, I'll figure it out later. But their looking slowly brought me
It was so quiet. So peaceful. Almost kind.
Oh, it's a dancer. And there is another. Maybe I'll just rest here awhile.
I'm not going to do anything today. Should I take some shots? Video? Ah, there's someone shooting. Relax. Yes. "Thank you God for giving me this moment." I took the moment fully, and was able then to see more activity. More dancers. More video. Unable to resist any longer, I got up and out came my Canon SI IS. The frame to the right and the two on the bottom (2004) were shot in continuous mode, and dropped into iMovie. The upper left collage, photo-compupainting, was completed a year later and is part of a "Dancer" series.
Thank you Douglas Dunn & Dancers
Jeff Landau, InnerRESOURCES