Bound Up In Relationship
"Bound Up In Relationship" is one of a series of audio poems I wrote on love and relationship in May of 1998. Each poem makes reference to a psychological, psychoanalytic, existential or spiritual theory. This particular poem points to Martin Buber's "I-Thou". This is a downloadable quicktime file.

Other poems in the series touch on "Empathy", "Romantic Love", "Ego Strength", "I-Thou", "Support Groups" and "Romantic Love As Resistance." Some of these poems will appear in my soon to be published book, "InnerRESOURCES 8 Ideas".

For those of you who might be interested in my life - long conflict about health, diet and eating my veggies, see Veggie Risktaker. This poem (September, 1999) becomes a marker in the expansion and definition of the InnerRESOURCES 8 ideas ecosystem.

Jeff Landau
InnerRESOURCES Publications