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Jeff Landau received his Ph.D. in Developmental Psychology in 1967 at the City University of New York (CUNY).

He spent his early years teaching, conducting basic research, and sponsoring independent studies, Masters thesis and Doctoral Dissertations.

Landau always had an eye on the application of basic research. On the East Coast, he studied with Albert Ellis (Rational-Emotive-Therapy) and Hyman Spotnitz (modern psychoanalysis) .

On the West coast, it was the language of the heart. Esalen Institute. Gestalt workshops (a la Fritz Perls and Assagioli), Tai Chi, massage and dance.

Then, the ever more encompassing panorama of Buddhism (Chögyam Trungpa Rinpoche) the patterns and ecosystems of Gregory Bateson at Lindisfarne and at Southampton, and finally those systems that dealt with alcoholism and the addictions, the 12 step programs and therapeutic communities, such as Daytop.

InnerRESOURCES Publications

Poems from InnerResources 8 Ideas, Hard Cover and E Book Editions have just been published followed by Saying Goodbye To Sophie by Holly Antiuk.

InnerResources 8 Ideas are focus points of the mind, and a map and guide for those who notice that they've "been here before and don't want to be here again". The Poems edition communicates one version of the InnerResources 8 Ideas.

Let's Talk: The Relationship NewsLetter

Manhattan Neighborhood Network (MNN), and my newsletter, "Let's Talk: The Relationship NewsLetter", published from 1987-1998, were the first vehicles for creating and communicating InnerResources 8 Ideas. Here’s a link to the first edition where you can see a paragraph or so on the 8 ideas, and a summer schedule for the 8 ideas Seminars (the letters to the editor and ad pages have been removed).

Community Cable

I really enjoyed video-taping, interviewing and producing "Let's Talk: InnerResources: AurasGalleria", for community cable, Manhattan Neighborhood Network (MNN) in years past. It felt like multi-task in motion. I thought of the show as a medium and as "Let's Talk: InnerResources: AurasGalleria" as a “miniature 8 ideas ecosystem”. Heart, head and motion embedded in 8 focus points.

If you want to get a feel for the context in which the 8 Ideas were communicated click on the link to see a schedule of shows from 1997.

An introduction to
InnerRESOURCES 8 Ideas, sample chapters, poems and exercises, and archived newsletters can be downloaded in PDF format at InnerResources Counseling and Publications  or and in text format at Authors Den.

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